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Version 4.3.0 - Aug 5, 2019
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- Aug 5, 2019

New in this release:

  • Enhancements:

    • Added ability to send multiple multi-insert requests automatically when needed due to entity count. (#245).
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed issue with handling unauthorized response (401) if a user has invalid permissions. (#246).

    • Now adding entities to the sync queue for Auto data store type if any Kinvey exception is encountered. (#249).

- Jul 5, 2019

New in this release:

  • Enhancements:

    • Added multi-insert for push logic. (#241).

- Jun 21, 2019

New in this release:

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed a couple of small issues for multi-insert save. (#237).

- May 31, 2019

New in this release:

  • Enhancements:

    • Introduction of the new multi-insert DataStore method. (#234).

      Multi-insert is available for use in Kinvey API version 5. Set this API version in the Client in order to use this functionality.

- May 24, 2019

New in this release:

  • Enhancements:

    • A new method for changing Kinvey api version. (#228).
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed an issue with creating a local offline SQLite table for DataStore of type Network. (#227).

- May 3, 2019

New in this release:

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed Kinvey Nuget package dependencies issue. (#221).

- Apr 26, 2019

New in this release:

  • Enhancements:

    • [Xamarin] Introduction of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). (#205).

      Breaking Change: Google Cloud Messaging is no longer supported by the SDK starting with this version. To be compatible with the current version of the SDK, please follow our Push Guide and convert your existing Google Cloud Messaging implementation to FCM.

    • Added a property named Active in the User class, which is a boolean flag to determine if the current user is logged in. (#211).

- Apr 12, 2019

  • Bugfix: Throwing an exception instead of returning null for the findById() method when an item does not exist for the local operation. (#207).

- Mar 22, 2019

  • Bugfix: Adding entities in sync queue if there is a problem with internet connection for Save and Remove operations of AUTO DataStore type. (#200).

- Feb 27, 2019

  • Enhancements:

    • Introduction of new AUTO DataStore type. (#196).

      The CACHE DataStore type has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • Bugfixes:

    • Correctly handle missing or null refresh token. (#197).

- Jan 31, 2019

  • Enhancements:

    • Social login methods are now deprecated in favor of using MIC flow.(#194).
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix for auto-pagination.(#193).

- Jan 18, 2019

  • Bugfix: Queries that contain the "+" sign were being removed from the query (#191).

- Jan 8, 2019

New in this release:

This release of the .NET SDK is now built on .NET Standard 2.0. The previous versions of the SDK were built on PCL technology, which has now been updated to the .NET Standard. There are a number of changes that have been made to the internals of the SDK, which are documented in the DevCenter guides and API reference. Three changes worth noting due to their breaking nature are the following:

Breaking Change: There are no longer separate namespaces for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. The previously used Kinvey-Xamarin-iOS and Kinvey-Xamarin-Android namespaces have been removed. To be compatible with the .NET Standard version of the SDK, change these namespaces to Kinvey.

Breaking Change: The initializtion of the Client object has changed. Based on how this version of the SDK is built, the offline platform is no longer necessary in the Client.Builder object. As a result, it has been removed from the Client.Builder class.

Breaking Change: Since the initialization of the Client object has been simplified and offline platform is no longer necessary, the platform-specific builder classes have removed. This includes AndroidClientBuilder, IOSClientBuilder and DotnetClientBuilder.

- Oct 4, 2018

New in this release:

  • Enhancement: Correctly handle OAuth MIC errors returned through the redirect URI. (#168).

  • Enhancement: Correct naming of DownloadAsync file methods, as per .NET naming standards. (#169).

- Sep 6, 2018

New in this release:

  • Bug Fix: Correctly ignoring delta sync when skip and/or limit modifiers are applied to a query. (#163).

  • Bug Fix: Correct handling of MissingConfiguration and ResultSetSizeExceeded errors for delta sync. (#164).

- Jul 19, 2018

New in this release:

  • Bug Fix: A change to how Visual Studio treats the default shared library type for a blank Xamarin.Forms app led to incompatibility with the Kinvey NuGet package. (#160).

The bug fix may require you to take a couple of additional manual steps to complete the SDK installation if you are building a new Xamarin.Forms app. They are described in the DevCenter Getting Started Guide.

- Jun 15, 2018

New in this release:

  • Enhancement: The client-side Delta Set feature has been replaced by a server-side implementation called Delta Sync (Beta) that offers better performance and scalability. (#152).

- May 29, 2018

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Add missing query parameter during MIC authentication flow (#156).

- May 9, 2018

New in this release:

This is the first General Availability release for the Kinvey .NET SDK. This version includes a change to the PCL Profile used by the Kinvey.Core, which will affect both Xamarin and .NET SDK versions. The PCL profile used in 3.0.x versions of the SDK was PCL 4.5 - Profile 78, which has now changed to PCL 4.5 - Profile 111.

Kinvey SDK now targets PCL 4.5 - Profile 111.

  • Enhancement: Store user token securely on Window environments (#117).

This can be enabled by setting the credential store in the DotnetClientBuilder to be a WindowsSQLiteCredentialStore.

setCredentialStore(new WindowsSQLiteCredentialStore(platform, filePath)

  • Enhancement: Enable resumable file uploads for .NET apps (#144).

3.0.0 Beta-31
- May 1, 2018

New in this release:

  • Enhancement: Availability of platform-specific Client.Builder classes, which provide default values for convenience. (#153).

  • Enhancement: Use of long form authservice ID for token endpoint. (#151).

3.0.0 Beta-30
- Mar 29, 2018

New in this release:

  • Enhancement: Set default verison of MIC to v3 (#150).

3.0.0 Beta-29
- Mar 14, 2018

New in this release:

  • Enhancement: Ability to set an instance ID in the Client.Builder (#148).

  • Bug fix: Fix incorrect filtering of certain entity updates through Live Service based on ACL (#149).

3.0.0 Beta-28
- Nov 28, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Fix use of refresh token during MIC authentication flow.

3.0.0 Beta-27
- Nov 17, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Add ability to get ACL for Stream object in Live Stream.

3.0.0 Beta-26
- Oct 17, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Refresh token was not being utilized after access token expiration.

3.0.0 Beta-25
- Sep 21, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Fix for UpdateAsync on User throwing an exception.

3.0.0 Beta-24
- Aug 17, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Prevent duplicate sync queue entries for multiple modifications of an entity with a custom ID.

3.0.0 Beta-23
- Aug 14, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Updates to NuGet package dependencies.

3.0.0 Beta-22
- Aug 11, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Updates to Live Service.

3.0.0 Beta-21
- Jul 28, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Add clientId to MIC login methods.
  • Bug fix: Fix sync queue race condition with item removal.

3.0.0 Beta-20
- Jul 14, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Change method signature of FindByIDAsync to return an entity.

Breaking change: Change the way that DataStore<T>.FindByIDAsync() returns the requested entity. Instead of returning a List<T>, it simply returns an object of type T.


public async Task<List<T>> FindByIDAsync(string entityID, KinveyDelegate<List<T>> cacheResult = null, CancellationToken ct = default(CancellationToken))


public async Task<T> FindByIDAsync(string entityID, KinveyDelegate<T> cacheResult = null, CancellationToken ct = default(CancellationToken))

  • Bug fix: Add support for different forms of equals comparisons for multiple where clause.
  • Bug fix: Add custom attribute support for _socialIdentity object.

3.0.0 Beta-19
- Jun 21, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Add support for inequality operators.
  • Bug fix: Support sort of DateTime objects in offline store.
  • Bug fix: Fix to clear out mapping data in cache manager.

3.0.0 Beta-18
- Jun 19, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Correctly save item in offline store if _id field has been set.

3.0.0 Beta-17
- May 30, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Correctly process query in SyncAsync(query) data store method.
  • Bug fix: Error accessing SQLite on Android 7.0 and later (Xamarin-Starter issue #1).
  • Bug fix: Make ResetPassword available as a static method on the User class.
  • Bug fix: Parse boolean values correctly when building up network query.
  • Bug fix: Update dependencies to support a greater range of PCL profiles (GitHub issue #118).

3.0.0 Beta-16
- May 22, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Correctly save auth information when updating a user object.

3.0.0 Beta-15
- May 5, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improvement: Refactor to change solution and project names.
  • Improvement: Add a separate .Net project and NuGet package.

3.0.0 Beta-14
- Apr 27, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Exception handling for MIC automated authentication flow.

3.0.0 Beta-13
- Apr 10, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Refresh token usage for MIC authentication.

3.0.0 Beta-12
- Mar 29, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Correctly unregister push notifications from Android devices.

  • Bug fix: Respect sort modifier on local queries.

  • Improvement: Set default data store type of DataStoreType.CACHE.

  • Improvement: Increased size of batching in Push operation for performance improvement.

3.0.0 Beta-11
- Mar 16, 2017

  • Bug fix: Query building no longer wrapping non-string parameters in quotes, and additional safety checks.

  • Bug fix: Correctly capturing all errors received from the backend. NOTE: this may change the error returned by the SDK in certain error conditions.

  • Improvement: For SYNC store, optimize sync queue for case where an entity is created and then deleted before synced with backend.

  • Improvement: Added ClearCache and Purge APIs in DataStore.

  • Improvement: Add device information in request headers for debugging help.

3.0.0 Beta-10
- Mar 9, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Push unregistration for Xamarin.Android.

  • Bug fix: Delta set fetching now respects 'Skip' and 'Take' modifiers.

  • Improvement: Optimization for Count operation processing time.

  • Improvement: Optimization for delta set fetch time in particular scenarios.

  • Improvement: PullDataStoreResponse now include a TotalCount in addition to a PullCount. This is to enable the app to paginate based on TotalCount.

3.0.0 Beta-09
- Feb 24, 2017

New in this release:

  • Bug fix: Retrieving data page by page. If Skip is specified on a query during a Find or Pull operation, the cache will not be cleared before fetching new results.

  • Improvement: Query performance against local cache. LINQ expressions representing queries are now run directly on the SQL layer (as SQL queries) rather than against objects residing in memory.

3.0.0 Beta-08
- Jan 11, 2017

New in this release:

Breaking change: Change the way that Client.Builder builds the client back to being a synchronous method, rather than async. This is because the creation of the Client does not require a network request, so there is no reason to await the method.


Client client = await builder.Build();


Client client = builder.Build();

  • Implementation of access control lists for entities.
  • Fix for MIC login using the standard work flow.
  • Fix for issue with non-existent OfflineVersion database table.

3.0.0 Beta-07
- Nov 23, 2016

New in this release:

  • Correctly instantiating stored User object when re-initializing client (GitHub issue #84).
  • Handling 4xx/5xx errors from custom endpoints properly (GitHub issue #85).

3.0.0 Beta-06
- Nov 18, 2016

New in this release:

Breaking change: this release changes the namespace of the Kinvey SDK from KinveyXamarin to Kinvey. This will require that you replace the using directive in your apps.


using KinveyXamarin;


using Kinvey;

The KinveyXamariniOS and KinveyXamarinAndroid namespaces are not affected.

  • Add method DataStore.FindByIdAsync() to retrieve an entity by it's ID.
  • Add local querying support for take and skip modifiers.
  • Improve handling of unsupported Linq queries.
  • Improve DataStoreResponse to provide more complete information on pull, push and sync operations.
  • Add System.Data.SQLite package dependency to PCL.

3.0.0 Beta-05
- Oct 21, 2016

New in this release:

  • Add method on User object to determine if that user has been disabled.
  • Fix in data store pull for clearing data locally that has been deleted from the backend.

3.0.0 Beta-04
- Oct 18, 2016

New in this release:

  • Fix in aceess level for a DataStore query method.

3.0.0 Beta-03
- Oct 14, 2016

New in this release:

  • Fix in MIC Automated Authorization flow.

3.0.0 Beta-02
- Oct 13, 2016

New in this release:

  • Update to make the building of a Client object async.
  • Update to make the MIC Automated Authorization flow a static method of the User class.

3.0.0 Beta-01
- Sep 8, 2016

New in this release:

  • Full support for data synchronization between your app and backend. Refer to the Data Store Guide to learn how to use the new data manipulation APIs.

  • We've simplified data stores and caching policies, making it easier for you to start building apps with caching and offline built in.

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Version Download Date
4.3.0 Download Aug 5, 2019
4.2.2 Download Jul 5, 2019
4.2.1 Download Jun 21, 2019
4.2.0 Download May 31, 2019
4.1.0 Download May 24, 2019
4.0.1 Download May 3, 2019
4.0.0 Download Apr 26, 2019
3.3.2 Download Apr 12, 2019
3.3.1 Download Mar 22, 2019
3.3.0 Download Feb 27, 2019
3.2.2 Download Jan 31, 2019
3.2.1 Download Jan 18, 2019
3.2.0 Download Jan 8, 2019
3.1.5 Download Oct 4, 2018
3.1.4 Download Sep 6, 2018
3.1.3 Download Jul 19, 2018
3.1.2 Download Jun 15, 2018
3.1.1 Download May 29, 2018
3.1.0 Download May 9, 2018
3.0.0 Beta-31 Download May 1, 2018
3.0.0 Beta-30 Download Mar 29, 2018
3.0.0 Beta-29 Download Mar 14, 2018
3.0.0 Beta-28 Download Nov 28, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-27 Download Nov 17, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-26 Download Oct 17, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-25 Download Sep 21, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-24 Download Aug 17, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-23 Download Aug 14, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-22 Download Aug 11, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-21 Download Jul 28, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-20 Download Jul 14, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-19 Download Jun 21, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-18 Download Jun 19, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-17 Download May 30, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-16 Download May 22, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-15 Download May 5, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-14 Download Apr 27, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-13 Download Apr 10, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-12 Download Mar 29, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-11 Download Mar 16, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-10 Download Mar 9, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-09 Download Feb 24, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-08 Download Jan 11, 2017
3.0.0 Beta-07 Download Nov 23, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-06 Download Nov 18, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-05 Download Oct 21, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-04 Download Oct 18, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-03 Download Oct 14, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-02 Download Oct 13, 2016
3.0.0 Beta-01 Download Sep 8, 2016
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