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Mobile Microservices Framework

The Kinvey Microservice Framework is part of Kinvey's v3 Architecture, provides a robust framework for building, deploying, and maintaining targeted, scalable microservices for mobile applications. The Mobile Microservice Framework allows for the creation of both no-code and low-code microservices by offering RapidServices and FlexServices to support Data, Auth, and Functions.


RapidServices are no-code, configuration-only modules that can be set up in minutes to gain the full data, auth, and logic capabilities.

RapidData: Data integration services for SAP, Salesforce, Sharepoint, NoSQL and REST (RapidData Guide)

RapidAuth: Auth integration services for SAML, OAUTH, OpenID Connect, Active Directory, and LDAP, using configurable services via Mobile Identity Connect. (Mobile Identity Connect Guide)

In addition to RapidData and RapidAuth, Kinvey Business Logic can be used to quickly create pre/post hooks and endpoints using an online editor (Business Logic Guide).


FlexServices are low-code function-based node.js microservices that enable developers to easily create custom data integrations as well as serverless functions to enable application business logic. FlexServices can be used to deliver sophisticated mashups, cross-channel experience linking and other advanced engagement experiences. FlexServices can be run on the FlexRuntime, a serverless container-based runtime that is painless to use with no need to worry about infrastructure setup, deployment, scaling or maintenance, or on a customer's internal network depending on security needs.

FlexData: Data integration functions for any data source, utilizing the vast library of modules from the npm ecosystem

FlexFunctions: Event-based, serverless functions for extending your mobile application logic to the cloud

Building FlexServices

FlexServices can be built using the Flex-SDK. The Flex-SDK is a powerful node.js library that enables the creation of FlexData and FlexFunctions Services.

For information on building FlexServices with the Flex-SDK, see our FlexServices guide.

Deploying FlexServices

FlexServices can be deployed in one of two ways:

FlexService Runtime: The FlexService Runtime is a serverless runtime on Kinvey for FlexServices. Services can be deployed to the FlexService runtime using the Kinvey CLI. FlexService Runtime Guide)

Running Outside of Kinvey FlexServices can be run outside of Kinvey on any PaaS, hosting provider, or local server. External FlexServices Guide

Custom Services

Sometimes, due to particular driver requirements, non-standard implementations, or to be able to run on existing enterprise app servers, a language other than Node.js may be preferred. This is enabled by the custom services API specification for Auth and External Business Logic.

Custom MIC Connectors A custom MIC connector is a lightweight FlexAuth microservice that allows the Kinvey Mobile Identity Connect framework to connect to any external non-standard authentication service: Custom MIC Connector.

External Business Logic The External Flex services framework allows running custom business logic created as a Node.js project on infrastructure of your choice such as your enterprise network or a trusted cloud provider: External Flex Services.

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