Kinvey Chat

Kinvey Chat is a cloud product for building AI-powered, intelligent chatbots and deploying them into various messaging channels. When combined with a Progress Kinvey backend, it allows for natural integrating with your app’s business logic and middleware.

Bots built using Kinvey Chat can interact with users in a natural way by understanding natural language expressions. The declarative approach taken by Kinvey Chat enables you to describe the information you want to extract from the conversation and how to react on it. On top of the information, a set of cognitive algorithms allows your bot to conduct human-like conversations as opposed to just answering questions.

Getting Started

Read through some general explanations about what Kinvey Chat platform can do and how it works.

Cognitive Flow Configuration

Learn how to define conversations and steps in each conversation of your bot.

  • Overview—Explains the basic terms used when defining a cognitive flow.
  • Conversations—Explains the different types of conversations.
  • Steps Configuration—Documentation for the configuration of all types of steps and their properties.
  • Working with Bot Memory—How to store, access and format data from bot memory.
  • Settings—Configuration of the general bot settings.
  • Authentication—Configuration of 3rd-party authentication from the bot.

NLP Training

Learn how to train your bot's understanding of what users say.

  • Conversations—Help your chatbot identify the correct conversation from the Cognitive Flow that needs to be started.
  • Entities—Explains the basic terms used when defining a cognitive flow.
  • QnA—Train your bot for Small Talk and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Dynamic Training—Configure Kinvey Chat to use training data from your system by executing an REST API call.
  • Import Training Data—Bulk-import training data using JSON definition.


  • Publishing—Publishing your bot on all supported channels.