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Package Index

Welcome to v3 of the Kinvey Android library.


By allowing the developer to focus on building a nice user experience, Kinvey Android aims to provide an easy to integrate client library for all mobile services with additional client side optimizations like offline storage and caching.


Kinvey provides a robust backend for your mobile apps by providing features that enable you to build amazing apps without worrying about your backend. Currently Kinvey provides the following services:

  • DataStore A query-able key/value (and more) data storage platform for your app
  • UserStore Keep track of users of your application and control access to data on a user-by-user basis
  • FileStore A storage system for your media content (images, videos, files, etc.) that provides out of the box Content Distribution Network (CDN) capabilities.
  • Push Notifications Our library uses GCM integration which gives you awesome push features without the headache of managing them yourself.

For more details on how to use these features read the Kinvey Android Guides.

Other Documentation The main package where you can find the client and the main public interfaces for the android library. Utility package for all of this libraries callback interfaces. Kinvey brings Push Notifications to you through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). Maintains classes specific to Offline functionality, including SQLlite 3 access, an Android Service, and various helpers Kinvey provides Activities and UI Components to facilitate development of Android Applications.
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